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Højhuset Kulturhotel (The High-Rise Building Cultural Hotel) was originally a folk high school, but today, it is a newly renovated hotel in a listed building. The building's well-preserved 1960s architecture provides the setting for a different hotel experience. Art, cultural events, communal dining, farming and sheep in the backyard give guests anything but a standard experience.

The Hotel

Højhuset's hotel rooms and apartments are split over 15 floors in the former student tower from when Højhuset was a folk high school. Each floor is a double floor connected by a staircase and contains Four double rooms with private bathroom and toilet Ten single rooms with washbasin Four large bathrooms with shower and toilet In addition, each floor has a sofa arrangement, kitchenette and minibar.

The shared bathroom and shared kitchen/bar reflect both forward and backward in time. On one hand, the layout of the floors points back to the building's origins as a folk high school and its focus on the smaller floor communities in the large school community. On the other hand, the interior design points visionary forward, as luxurious minimalism and community are essential values in future sustainable hotel operations.

Sightseeing in the area

Højhuset Kulturhotel is located in Birk, Herning's art centre, and therefore within walking distance to the city's two museums where you can enjoy world-class art.

It is 3 km to Herning City, 9 km to the MCH Exhibition Centre, has good parking facilities and charging stations at the hotel, and has a bus stop and train platform within walking distance.

If you enjoy walking or running in beautiful natural surroundings, you can explore 90 hectares of newly created meadow area with grazing animals, rich bird life, and numerous plant species on the other side of the road.