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If you search “Restaurant Herning”, you will, among other great eateries, find Spisesalen. A restaurant located in Højhuset in Birk. Whether it will win the title “The Best Restaurant in Herning”, we will let you decide. But why don’t you drop by and see for yourself?

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When ECCO FEI World Championships 2022 pays a visit to Herning from August 4-12, Højhuset will open a unique POP UP restaurant.
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Enjoy a unique dining experience in our restaurant, Højhuset Herning

Get an eating experience out of the ordinary

In comparison with other restaurants in Herning, Spisesalen in Højhuset offers an eating experience out of the ordinary. You are not only getting delicious food on your plate, you will also get a good bite of the history of Herning served in the historic building.

Looking for a cosy place to eat in Herning?

Herning is often called “Buffet Herning”. However, the city is so much more than that. At Højhuset, we gladly make a delicious “Herning Buffet”, a luxurious brunch, an amazing banquet tailored to your taste or a simple well-prepared meal at our communal eating in Højhuset. And we won’t stop here. When large fairs and Dining Week in February and October are held in Herning, we also run a classic restaurant. And at New Years Eve you can pick up our New Years Eve menu as takeaway.

When the ECCO FEI World Championships is held, we serve lunch and open a pop-up restaurant with Martin Hylleborg and Restaurant Rebel by the stove. And just like that, an ambitious but casual restaurant is blended with a sprinkle of Michelin stardust.

Beautiful restaurant in historic building

You might already have noticed our spectacular building before you even begin to search for restaurants nearby. In Birk near Herning, a majestic silver-grey building is rising. Once a visionary – and Jutland’s tallest – folk school.

Today, a visionary cultural hotel in a listed building. Behind the facade of Højhuset you will discover the new beautiful dining hall – an architectural gem among the many eateries in Herning. The beautiful room takes you back to the period aesthetic in the 60’s in a fine blend with an ageless atmosphere. When the sun is shining, we offer outdoor seating in our cosy atrium courtyard. Here you can enjoy a lovely barbeque along with live music and get in the summer spirit.

Cosy restaurant in historic building near Herning
Authentic eatery in the vicinity of Herning

Authentic eatery in the vicinity of Herning

In Højhuset you will find a casual eatery where the food takes you back to the old folk school and where the “From Farm to Fork” concept is the very foundation of the restaurant. Everything we make in the kitchen is Danish and mainly local. We use organic ingredients to such an extent that we have obtained the Silver Organic Cuisine Label.

Our restaurant is child-friendly and both kids who love to taste new food and kids who are a bit more cautious when it comes to new tastes will enjoy our menu. Afterwards, they can go outside and meet our sheeps or explore fun activities in our garden.

Welcome to one of the most charming eateries in Herning